Contemporary paintings in the new abnormal

Contemporary Art Chronicle
VOLUME 1: Contemporary paintings in the new abnormal

June 20 2022

Contemporary Art Chronicle is pleased to present Volume 1: Contemporary paintings in the new abnormal,

We are proud to present Jonathan Bennett, Marie Birkedal, Veronika Bowyer, Cristiana Canzanese, Jean Feinberg, DimaslA Group, Barbara Höller, Andrew Huff, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Francine LeClercq, Juan Sacristán and Gabriel Soto.

Volume 1 is an exhibition about the perception of now and the enormity of our shared experience as humanity in a post pandemic era, featuring artists from Germany, Australia, Italy, United States, Spain, France, Mexico, El Salvador and Austria.
Volume 1 is a collective exhibition of artists from from a diverse cultural background whose works emerge as testimony of our shared humanity in the post pandemic time we are living.
The artists at Volume 1 present a panorama of styles and subject matter that portray intimate observations of time, color, matter, and spaciality.
Volume 1 brings together artists that explore the specific characteristics of the materials (tonality, texture, and color).
The inspiration of the artists at Volume 1 emerge from diverse cultural and emotional experiences, using the canvas to create forms, images, and geometrical systems to emphasize the materiality, and the creation process.
The paintings that make up Volume 1 are oil paint on canvas, acrylic on wood, enamel on acrylic panel, and acrylic on aludibond.Each artist give the canvas a particular surface from the transparent and glossiness to the rough and scratch: from the chaotic to an organized geometrical composition.
In essence, each of these artists use their artistic practices as a dialogue between materiality, spaciality and the passage of time