1. My work is extraordinarily physical
  2. My work is extraordinarily transcendental
  3. There is no irony whatsoever within my work
  4. Disclaimer: 100 % sincerity is impossible within good art
  5. I base my work on broken glass and kindness
  6. I dive for pearls
  7. Effortlessness takes backbreaking work
  8. Pure formalism is a myth
  9. Bruce Lee is important for painters
  10. If one thing matters, everything matters
  11. Empathy is a super-power
  12. Glitter and trickery should not be mistaken
  13. I accept contradiction
  14. I think about John McCracken
  15. I think about Ana Mendieta
  16. I think about Sam Gilliam
  17. I think about Robert Irving
  18. Mostly I think about Peter Bradley
  19. A decade in Germany changes you
  20. I know who Vinzenz Brinkmann is
  21. Descartes was mean to dogs
  22. Material and intellect should not be separated
  23. Charles Bukowski is easier read than lived
  24. Non-read isolation is a painful price
  25. J’veux pas finir comme Camilie Claudel
  26. Language exists but is mostly inadequate
  27. Sol LeWitt was almost right
  28. Good artists are latter-day shamans
  29. I believe in the Beholders Share
  30. I believe it takes one to know one
  31. I never saw San Severo
  32. I once saw Colorado
  33. I miss the smell of Sagebrush
  34. I apologize for disappearing, I had things to take care of
  35. I still don’t distinguish between culture and nature
  36. I still think about Lenny Bruce
  37. I still think about Thoreau
  38. My favorite word is still “Godspeed

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