Artist statement 2010

1. I think it is a cliché to view artists like Jackson Pollock as clichés

2. I live half of my life in passive astonishment

3. I live a quarter of my life in frantic indifference

4. I live a quarter of my life in silent rage

5. I sometimes consider to make myself a tinfoil hat

6. Irony is good in humor sometimes, mostly it is not good in art

7. I left university and applied for Fine Arts Academy because of the novel “Beloved”

8. I believe Nike’s slogan to be today’s most relevant philosophy

9. I think it is a shame Esperanto didn’t catch on

10. I agree with both Peter Weibel and Clement Greenberg

11. I have a mirror in each room which makes me very uncomfortable and self-conscious but Karen Blixen recommends it as a way to stay present

12. I wish I was more like Jim Morrison and sometimes I am

13. I believe that A Chacun son Paradis

14. I sometimes think about Lenny Bruce

15. I think about Thoreau almost daily

16. I (too) often say to myself: “oh Toto we’re a long way from Kansas”

17. I think analysis can be paralysis and often is

18. J’veux pas finir comme Kurt Cobain

19. I tend to trust women who wear cowboy boots

20. I am not afraid of the dark

21. I am afraid of people in pastels

22. Chess-player no. Oak-Planter yes.

23. Everything matters

24.I believe in Kenneth Noland and Fra Angelico

25. In Art-school in 2004 I made a piece called: “I know the Sublime is out of fashion but I still really, really love you Mark Rothko”. I still stand behind that

26. I do not distinguish between culture and nature

27. My favorite word is “Godspeed”