Why Painting

everything matters because
everything hurts someone
somewhere as it is mattering
we became all we carried into the mast
migratory patterns given to the love again
a way to end this secrecy of suffering 
cut a door in the wolf
so we can retrieve our dead
for a world that matters 

CAConrad, Camisado

alchemist noun
al·che·mist |  ˈal-kə-mist
Alchemist: Someone Who Transforms Things for the Better
The long route to English for alchemist began with the Greek word chēmeia, which probably came from the word chyma (“fluid”), derived from the verb chein, meaning “to pour.” It then passed to Arabic, which added its definite article al- (“the”) to the Greek root. The word then passed from Latin to French before coming to English. Some other words derived from Arabic also retain the al- in English, such as algebra, algorithm, and alcohol; in fact, the transformative liquid that was constantly being sought through experimentation by alchemists is another word with the Arabic al- prefix elixir.


  • Utilizing expendable materials to create works of formal pristine beauty

  • Aesthetics and the mystical are shown not said

  • The object will speak and reply if it’s true. If it is true it will resonate with us and is therefore beautiful

  • The simplest forms come to represent the most complex realities

  • Textural and visually tactile work stresses biology, physicality, and vulnerability but vulnerability is now circumvented empathy is a super-power