8 contemporary artists look back.

8 contemporary artists each show a mini-retrospective exhibition, which focuses on the long development that is part of being and becoming an artist.

The exhibition TILBAGEBLIK consists of eight mini-retrospective exhibitions with eight contemporary artists.

How do you become an artist? Is this a natural talent that unfolds? How do you learn to create art? And when can you call yourself an artist - when do you truly feel that you are one?

The idea of TILBAGEBLIK is to give the audience an insight into the engine room of art. Showing examples of all the roads – detours, byways and highways – an artist typically has to walk; all the trials that are needed to develop as an artist - and to become an artist in general.

Each of the eight artists in the exhibition contributes distinctive works that cover different periods in their artistic work. Hereby, their artistic development is shown right from the first attempts, which perhaps, when the artist him/her/them-self looks back on them, may seem awkward, naive or pretentious, to the works that gave access to academies or censored exhibitions; then comes the landmark works that set a decisive development in motion, and finally the completely new works of art that show where the individual artist is today.

Each artist has been interviewed. They were given the same five questions as e.g. "What made you start making art and why do you still do it?" and "Can you name three things that have had an impact on your artistic development?". These interviews are reproduced on boards in the exhibition. In this way, you as a visitor get answers to the questions you have often wanted to ask an artist yourself when you see her or his works.

The artists are Anne Skole Overgaard, Bjarke Regn Svendsen, Bjørn Poulsen, Jacob Hoff, Jonna Pedersen, Karin Lorentzen, Marie Birkedal and Simon Grimm.

For the premiere, Bjørn Eriksen's musical work "Drive in Reverse Karma" will be premiered by the Janus Trioen. The piece of music was composed specifically for the exhibition and expresses "Tilbageblik".        
Tilbageblik is supported by:

The Danish Art Council and the June 15th Foundation.